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5 Signs You Want to Elope

In all honesty, big weddings are not for everyone....and that's okay. Everyone may have their own opinions, which is great, but when it all boils down, so many people just follow the social norm because it's what people do. Im here to tell you that you don't not what you have to follow the social norms. Some people may judge you for the way you choose to celebrate your wedding, but at the end of the day, its you life, and you should do whatever makes you happy.

SO, if your having second thoughts about planning that big wedding, here are some great signs that you should elope!

1: You don't like the thought of being the center of attention

From walking down the isle, to crying at the alter and sharing vows, everyone has eyes on YOU. A wedding is such an intimate moment, and it almost feels weird, maybe awkward, to share that moment with family you barley know. When my husband and I first got into the whole wedding planning phase, I had my sights set on a very very small wedding. I loved the thought of celebrating with anyone and everyone, but hated the thought of everyone watching me as I cried walking down the isle. There was no possible way that I could take in the moment with so many people staring at me.

2: The thought of a big wedding stresses you out

Soooooo much planning. I love planning small get togethers and small house party's, but when I thought about planning a wedding, it stressed me out!! Theres so much to do, so many phone calls, so many emails, so many envelopes, so many colors, so MANY choices.

I was excited to plan our wedding once we first got engaged, but once I entered the planning phase, it all hit me how stressful it was. Little did I know we would actually choose to Elope a few month later :)

3: You're not into all of the wedding traditions

I love attending weddings, experiencing the party vibes and celebrating the happy couple, but as I got older I realized that some wedding traditions were flat out weird. Many people enjoy the weird wedding traditions, and may believe in the superstitions of some, but to me, it didn't matter. What mattered most to me was my husband and I having so much fun together. I didn't care about the something new, blue, or borrowed. I didn't care about wedding speeches. All I cared about was a NO STRESS day filled with excitement and love, and that's exactly what I got!!!

4: You love adventure with your spouse

Lots of the excitement of eloping came from the adventure of not telling everyone until the last possible second. We found it exciting that we were literally adventuring off together to get married, and no one KNEW! We told only a handful of people right before we left, and surprised everyone not so close to us on social media afterwards. The best part of it, is that we only planned a few things, and the rest we left up to "whatever happens, happens". We didn't care if it rained, if it snowed, or if something fell through. All we cared about was our adventure and enjoying the day, no matter what happened.

And who doesn't like to travel?

5: You think your money could be better spent on other things

The average US wedding cost in 2019 was $28,000, and the national average is a huge $33,000 for a traditional wedding. Woahhh! That's like a new car, a downpayment on a house. That's almost 5 really fun vacations. Once I knew how much the average person spent on a wedding, I just couldn't understand.... I for one, could not see myself spending that much money. I COULDN'T spend that much money. Thats crazyyyyyy talk.

There is no set cost to elope, but most couples spend between $5,000 and $15,000. Couples who choose to elope tend to cut out the things they don't care about, and perhaps pay a little more for the things they do.

When it all comes down to it, I think that everyone gets so worried about having a PERFECT wedding day, that they don't sit back and actually enjoy the day. Once you realize that a perfect wedding day does not correlate to a good healthy marriage, you tend to push yourself further from the wedding norms and choose to do what suits you as a couple. A wedding day is just a day, but your marriage is the rest of your life.

I hope my past experiences and thoughts help you figure out what exactly you want for yourself and your spouse.

Wishing you a happy marriage and stressless wedding day! ;)

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