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Unlock your side aerial in just 6 weeks with our comprehensive program, featuring 30 days of expertly designed aerial workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Each workout is meticulously crafted by a skilled professional to ensure you build the necessary technique, strength, and flexibility to achieve a flawless side aerial. Join us today and transform your aerial skills with a balanced and effective training plan!

Aerial Workouts: Each day features specialized drills and progressions to develop your aerial skills, ensuring steady and safe improvement. Our expert-guided routines help you refine your technique, balance, and control.

Strength Workouts: Build the power and endurance needed for a perfect side aerial with dynamic strength training sessions. These workouts focus on your core, legs, and upper body to enhance your overall performance and prevent injury.

Flexibility Training: Achieving a beautiful side aerial requires exceptional flexibility. Our daily flexibility routines are designed to increase your range of motion, improve muscle elasticity, and help you achieve the splits and other necessary positions with ease.

6 Weeks of Aerial Workouts: 30 Day Program-Side Aerial

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