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How to do an Aerial Cartwheel

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The Aerial Cartwheel – a mesmerizing display of grace and skill. This dazzling maneuver appears deceptively effortless when executed with finesse. Whether you're an aspiring performer eager to master the Aerial Cartwheel or a seasoned instructor looking to share the secrets of this captivating move, you're in for a treat. Join us as we unveil a comprehensive step-by-step guide to conquer the Aerial Cartwheel.

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How To Aerial: a guide for athletes and coaches


Make sure you have a decent cartwheel. The aerial is basically a no handed cartwheel, so if you cannot do a one handed cartwheel or a knee cartwheel, you don't have the proper skill to even think about trying your aerial.

Far Arm Cartwheel

Near Arm Cartwheel

Knee Cartwheel


Learn how to do a hop and pop cartwheel. The hop cartwheel mimics the entry of the aerial and teaches you how to get height from the cartwheel. The pop cartwheel mimics the exit of the aerial and prepares you for the aggressive landing. If you can do a great hop and pop cartwheel, you're on your way to learning an aerial!!

Hop Cartwheel

Pop Cartwheel


Now that you have a good solid cartwheel that can be done in several different ways, it's time to make them even stronger.

Try doing a cartwheel uphill and even a cartwheel up hill from your knee.

Cartwheel Uphill hands on the mat Cartwheel Uphill hands on the ground

(Builds strength for the takeoff) (Builds strength for the landing)

Knee Cartwheel Uphill hands on the mat Knee Cartwheel Uphill hands on the ground


Next is the bent arm hop cartwheel. Do a hop cartwheel by bringing the arms close into the chest but then quickly put them back down when you feel your feet approaching the ground. This type of hop cartwheel mimics the way you keep the arms up in an aerial.

Step 5

It's time to try that Aerial!!!

Here are some ways you can attempt your Aerial.

*Try it with a spot from a certified gymnastics coach.

*Try it down a hill, or off of a mat/block

*Try it onto a soft mat

*Try it into a foam pit at a gymnastics place

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